Free Estimate

Get a free roof estimate of your dream home. With our well trained estimators, we will give you an estimate for you home, providing you with quality materials that will meet your budget. Just call us to your site to take your measurement and we will give you a quote and guide you to providing you the best roofing solution.

Prompt Production

With your quote generated and payment made, we produce your sheets within five (5) working days giving you a quick produce of your sheets

Quick Delivery

Leave the delivery of your roof to us. We quickly supply your roofing sheets to your site immediately after production, transporting your sheets safely to your sites

Technical Support

With the aid of our technical support your building is nicely roofed . Our technical supports include our team to extract your technical drawing, install, advice and maintain the roof of your home.

Customer Service

Our customer service add value in creating a strong relationship between our customers in advising and choosing from our variety of product and colours.

After-Sales Service

After paying for your goods , we continue to provide you with the support that you will need in your building solution (Terms and Conditions may apply) .