Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discount / commission?.

Yes we do.

What is the delivery date or date or collection?

seven(7) working days.

Are your materials of good quality?

Yes they are.

Does your colours fade?

No they don't

How many years waranty do you offer for colour fading and leakages?

5 years for colour fading and 2 years for Leakages.

In case of shortage who is responsible?

The customer is responsible for shortage.

Do you offer free estimate?

Yes we do.

Can I get a provisional estimate for my roof with a building plan or drawing?

Yes you can.

Do I have to pay in full or I can pay in installment?

You can pay installment.

Can I pay in Cash, Cheque or into the company account?

Yes, but a cheque has to clear before delivery.

Do you offer free delivery?

No, we do not offer free delivery.

What is the difference in price between Steel Truss and wood?

Steel Truss is 35% expensive than wood.

Do you offer credit facility?

No we do not offer credit facility.

Do you have varieties of colours?

Yes, We have varieties of colours